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4 unspeakable secrets that women love about men

4 unspeakable secrets that women love about men
Attention, because this content is highly secret.
You are not the only woman who has stopped to observe those little details in which they do not even intend. Besides valuing his lips, his eyes, his hands ... We also like the details of his personality, such as the way he frowns, his total dedication to watching a football game with his friends or that opening the Car door before you enter. Today we collect some of those masculine habits that women love, but shhhh keeps the secret, there is nothing worse than a man who knows too much about the female universe.

1. The shirt rolled up

We do not need to explain the concept, right? When a man is hot or enters work, normally makes a simple gesture that does not know how irresistible it is: the shirt is rolled up. There is no scientific explanation for the success of seeing the male forearm, but dear, has it. Some hair, some marked veins, maybe a tattoo ... Who knows what are the secrets that he hides under his shirt?

If we add to this stylistic concept of the rolled up shirt a pose of hands on the hips, while probably thinking about how to solve the world, it is impossible for its attractive points to rise and rise.

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2. The towel on the hip

It is in the morning, and after a quick bliss and furtive looks at the clock, he shaves himself conscientiously and without losing a detail of his reflection in the mirror. The only thing he carries, a towel. Something as simple and every day as a towel wrapped around his hip is one of those moments women adore.

3. Hard type pose

Although all men try to keep that look of hard, the reality is that many times, when there is no one around, they relax and lose all that pose. However, within their moments of concentration, boredom or relaxation, they can not help but put on that interesting and hard-looking face that women love. An example, when you are waiting at the exit of a store when you use gasoline.

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4. The big hands

There may be detractors on this issue who do not share our point of view, but the size of the hands is related to feelings of protection and security. There is nothing like losing your hand in a larger and warm hand. Also, observing the hands of a person can give you many details of how it is, if careful, delicate, pay attention to details, it is clean.

Do not hesitate to tell us what secret aspect you adore in a man. And in case any of these had happened to you, start paying attention to any man you cross and get your own theories.

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