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Ultimate Anniversary Gifts For Men Ideas That Will Surprise Him

Ultimate Anniversary Gifts For Men Ideas That Will Surprise Him


Are you tried to find the ultimate guide for gifts? Here, you are about to see the most amazing and surprising anniversary gifts for men. Are you ready? Let's begin.

Good Anniversary Gifts For Him | Tech Gifts

In this age of growing technology, everyone seems to be trying to acquire the latest electronic gadget. People queue for hours outside the store's electronic store or cell phones in the hope that there will be enough units to meet the demand, which never seems to be the case. Try to catch up with technology and the latest trends, to surprise him with good gifts for anniversary for him. With this in mind, here are 25 great technology anniversary gifts for men.


1. Pebble Steel Smartwatch . It comes in several different designs, leather or metal bands and accepts a wide variety of applications.

2. Roku 3. When connected to a TV, the Roku increases the number of channels that can be tuned; up to more than a thousand channels. It also improves the image quality.

3. Bose Soundlink® Mini Bluetooth® . The Bose Sound link is just a little larger than your hand and offers excellent sound for your tablet, iPhone or other Bluetooth devices. Your husband will take him everywhere.

4. Aeropress . Aeropress is a coffee machine that makes regular coffee or espresso with reduced acid content. It's small and portable so your partner can make his favorite coffee wherever he goes.

5. Mophie Space Pack . The Space Pack is a memory and portable charger for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. Now, your husband can take his iPhone anywhere.

6. Misfit Shine . Misfit Shine is an activity tracker that you can use as a wristwatch. It comes in several colors and has its app.

7. Withings Pulse . Another activity tracker even monitors the pulse and quality of sleep. Also, it connects to your iPad, iPod or Android phone.

8. iShower . The I Shower allows you to listen to your iPad or iPhone in the shower. It can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device within a radius of 200 meters.

9. Garmin HUD . The HUD (Heads Up Display) projects navigation information, transfer and arrival times and other information useful for trips on the windshield.

10. Olioclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens. The Olioclip 4 is an improved camera for your iPhone or iPad. Simply click on a corner of your phone, and you are ready to start taking pictures.

11. iPad Air .  The newest and lightest iPad with the ios-7 operating system.

12. Lenovo Yoga 2 . It is a PC and a tablet and offers four different viewing modes. It has a high-resolution monitor, great sound, and touchscreen.

13. UP by Jawbone . It is an activity monitor that looks like a plastic bracelet. It connects to your smartphone, and you can get readings of your daily activity.

14. Pivothead 1080 HD Polarized Camera Glasses . The 1080 HD is a portable digital camcorder that you use as if you were wearing sunglasses. It comes in 3 different colors, with a briefcase, a USB cable and a cleaning cloth. Also, you also have a pivothead membership.

15. Wireless headphones Senheiser RS ​​220 . The RS 220 are wireless headphones with excellent sound quality. Now, your man can listen to his favorite songs without having to be connected to a player.

16. SensoGlove . If your husband is a golfer, the Sensoglove is a glove with a built-in device that controls and reports on the strength and angle of his grip. The equipment can be removed and placed in a new glove when the other one gets old.

17. Instant printer . This is a portable printer that connects to your iPhone. Print real photos of digital images. Now your partner will be sending his favorite photos to everyone.

18. Bartendo dispenser . The Bartendo is a shaker whose system connects with your smartphone to download a cocktail menu from the distribution company's website. You can also buy the ingredients of the drink and alcohol. Now, your man does not have to mix his own drinks anymore.

19. DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter with integrated FPV camera . The quadcopter is essentially a radio-controlled flying camera that takes aerial photos and videos. Now, your husband can explore the neighborhood from his back porch.

20. Chromecast . Chromecast allows you to watch music and web programming on your TV. It is a simple one-piece device that attaches to the TV. All you need is Wi-Fi. It also comes with applications that allow you to select the programming with any Bluetooth device.

21. Ravi Ratan Wi-Fi and 2GB USB Silver Cufflinks . This device consists of a pair of dumbbells that provide a portable Wi-Fi connection. It comes in several styles and has a number of downloadable applications available.

22. Indoor antenna Mohu HD sheet . The HD sheet is an indoor antenna that allows you to receive HD programming for free.

23. 3D printer . A printer that produces 3D plastic models of any element of the real world or photo. The company has thousands of designs that you can download or make yours. This will be one of the great anniversary gifts for him to do all kinds of weird things.

24. PAPAGO! P3 Dashcam . The P3 is a dashcam for your car; they help you navigate through those blind spots. It also has a built-in GPS system.

25. Truglide Apex needle point . The Apex is a computerized pen that allows you to write and send messages on your iPad or Android device. Your man will be sending messages all the time.

Ideas For Anniversary Gifts For Him | Unordinary Gifts

Ideas For Anniversary Gifts For Him 

Are you looking for the best anniversary gifts for men? We have organized some of our best ideas to help you this year.

Man with style
Make sure that your partner is ready for the coming hot days with the Wallaroo Outback hat. It has a versatile style and offers stylish protection for only $ 38.

Some men are horrified to buy jeans. Take the pressure off by ordering a pair of twenty brand jeans. Twenty jeans is one of the perfect ideas for anniversary gifts for him to have style. $ 25- $ 30.

A man with a delicious aroma

Ralph Lauren always has fresh and classic fragrances for men and women, and his new fragrance, Polo Red, is no exception. It is a warm mix of red woods, saffron and grape in an attractive bottle for $ 81. Polo Blue has citrus notes and essence of patchouli, amber, mint and apple, comes in a travel bag for $ 84.

Man ready for everything

If your husband is a cook, buy him the set of knives he always needed, Edge of Belgravia lime ceramic set. Super sharp and almost as strong as diamonds, these colorful knives will remain perfectly sharp for years. $ 454.90

For sportsmen, try the FitBit Force Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband, which does much more than tell time. Your man can take the count of calories consumed, distance traveled and sleeping hours and synchronizes with your Android or iPhone. $ 129.95

Anniversary Gift Ideas For Men | Crafts Gifts

Crafts Gifts

We will show you 10 crafts to give to your partner in the anniversary so you can surprise him with details and gifts and give a personalized touch to the celebration!

Love is in the air!! If you are already close to celebrating Anniversary's Day, a special day to show our love in an original way. Today the trend is marked by originality! It is not needed to spend large sums of money to give your man something special, this handicraft guide to give your to your husband will help you save, and at the same time, you will give a pleasant surprise full of love!

Personalized cards

·        There are several pages on the Internet that offer free Anniversary's Day card downloads. You can download these fun and colorful cards on your computer, print them and make them a special dedication to give to your man. It is also possible to download papers to wrap super romantic gifts full of hearts. The latter can also be used as placemats for a breakfast of Anniversary's Day or as pennants or garlands in case you want to decorate your home and give a more thematic touch. Also, there is another website that offers a fun heart-shaped gift paper bag. With these ideas, you already have the packaging of Anniversary's Day ready!

·        And as we love to celebrate anniversary's Day, we can give a bonus track !! If you are thinking of preparing several crafts to give your man in Anniversary's Day, it is also possible to download and print these fun themed labels to accompany each present or to fill your home with beautiful dedications of love. Place these dedications in different places, in the mirror of the bathroom, in books, magazines, and you can even put them in the refrigerator stuck in the food that your man likes the most. Play with imagination and with these nice labels!

More Crafts for Marriage Anniversary Gifts for Husband

If you are planning a celebration at home, we will give you the best anniversary gifts for men ideas (to make your own) to give to your partner.

·        You can buy white cups and decorate them with dedication with an indelible fiber. You can write the romantic phrase that you like most or with which you feel most identified, or you can simply make a dedication.

·        To add a touch of color to your home, you can buy red balloons, heart-shaped balloons, red, pink and white cloth ribbons and hang them from the ceiling. The garlands also add to the celebration to decorate the living room. The room and the kitchen, always remember to choose the range of colors of red and pink and buy thread to tie balloons and garlands and paper tape to stick them in the walls, doors and window frames (thus the paint on the walls will not be lifted).

The perfect decoration for a romantic lunch or dinner

·        The well-known phrase already says it: "full belly happy heart." If your man is a food lover, this is your chance to show off with Anniversary's Day themed decoration. Whether you want to enjoy it with breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, you can decorate the table with a fun and romantic theme in white and red. Choose white dishes and place them on an individual or a red tablecloth. Decorate the table with natural flowers, in this case, the pink or red roses are perfect for the occasion. Another decorative element that adds sighs is paper hearts. These hearts are made with colored papers or cardstock in the range of reds and pinks. In case you want to provide a romantic dinner, there is nothing better than a table full of small candles to give a touch of intimacy and love to the couple!

·        Another bonus track for your romantic dinner or lunch is to offer a menu for Anniversary's Day. Write by hand on a white sheet a beautiful dedication of love along with the menu that you will taste together. You can draw hearts or paste the images that you like the most. Place the menu inside a small frame for photographs and place it in the center of the table. This way your partner will be surprised with a dedication followed by a special menu.

A heart made of wool and more!

·        If you are a girlfriend that loves crafts and create beautiful objects with your hands, this is your day to show off! Making a heart of wool is easier than you think. Grab a small pillow or pillow of the size you want and start to cover it with wool of different colors from the range of pink, you can also choose pink, fuchsia and red. When you roll the wool remember to apply more pressure in the middle of the top and half the width of the pad. In this way, the angle of the heart will be formed. Roll the wool until the pad is fully covered.

·        If you and your man have thousands of photographs together, this is the time to bring them to light! Make a copy of all the photographs that you like the most. Pierce the middle of the upper part to pass a thread or ribbon of colors. Tie that ribbon at the end of a red balloon or any color. You can inflate the balloons with helium or simply with air and stick them to the ceiling with tape. You can make a beautiful collage of photos in the room on the bed or on the ceiling of the dining room. In this way, you can make a romantic tour of the couple's best moments. Is not it great ??!

·        Fortune cookies are part of a thousand-year-old Chinese tradition. They divine the future and are always present in the after-dinner of Chinese restaurants. You can bring this tradition to Anniversary's Day and personalize it. Instead of guessing the future you can write love phrases in small papers and make the fortune-telling ones yourself. Purchase several sheets of paraffin and cut small squares of 8 x 8 cms, with a short circular dough cutter several capable of this flexible material to form fortune cookies. Place the paper in the middle and press the edges gently with your fingers to bend the cookie. The heat of your hands will be enough to bend the paraffin and finally place the cookies a few minutes in the refrigerator to fix the shape.

·        Finally, pillows decorated with wool are another option to give on Anniversary's Day. You only need a medium-sized cushion with a white cover, thick wool with strong colors and a large-sized needle (the wool has to go through the top hole). With a pencil write the word "Love" and then embroider this word with the wool you chose. It is advisable to use thick or light wool with a lot of movement so that the word has more thickness and therefore stands out more.

With these anniversary gifts for men, you know that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on gifts to give to your man, use these ideas to inspire and give free rein to your imagination and love!

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