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Cheap And Easy Gifts To Make At Home

Cheap And Easy Gifts To Make At Home

Cheap And Easy Gifts To Make At Home

Any time is good to make a gift: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas, the delivery of notes, pensions, the birth of someone, the day of the mother or father or, simply, to show our affection towards another person. The only danger that we can run is to run out of ideas about what to give, so in one, we took advantage of the opportunity to collect a few cheap and easy gifts to make at home with which you will surely surprise the recipient.

Steps to follow:

1. If the person you want to make the gift to is a great reader, a bookmark is a very helpful and cheap gift. We have infinite possibilities. Among the most outstanding are include a few of our photos, for example, a photo booth, beautiful design or drawing, a phrase from a book, a famous quote, the date of an important event in our lives ... So, whenever he goes to read will remember you.

2. Another gift related to the world of literature is a short personalized story. It can be a two or three-page cartoon, in which the main protagonist is the person to whom you make the gift, seconded by the rest of friends, family, etc. If you have a creative mind, ease of writing and know the other person well, this gift will be a great success.

3. The typical collages or photo albums are also good cheap ideas to make a gift. It will not cost you too much to find photography companies that make albums of this type, whether in book format, magazine, etc. You will only have to select the photos, the texts and the design, and the result is worth it.

A more sophisticated version is a digital photo frame, where the photos change automatically, although with some we can go with a little budget.

4. A very original and one of the easy gifts to make at home is a personalized mug. You just have to buy a cup and make a drawing or write a sentence with a permanent marker. When you have done the design, clean it well with alcohol and erase what you do not want to remain etched in the cup, and put it in the oven for half an hour at 180ยบ.

Once finished, you will have an exclusive gift cup. Try to buy the cup in a light color, where you can see the drawing well.

5. Surely at home, you have an empty glass jar, so you can put a few things inside and turn it into a surprise jar. For example, a manicure kit with an enamel, a file and hand cream; a kit with bath salts, chocolates or sweets ... You can cover the lid with a personalized message or a nice drawing and to make it even more surprising, paint the jar or pour it. So, you will not know what's inside until you open it.

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